Meridian Artisans

Here are the Meridian Artisans I have gotten to know, or am getting to know:

I KNOW these folks:

I am getting to KNOW these folks:

  1. Amya, Barony of Thors Mountain, Meridies [Embroidery, domestic arts, ] 
  2. Olrun, Barony of Thors Mountain, Meridies [Woodworking…]
  3. THL Fionnnabar [Textile arts…]
  4. THL Francesca D’ [Textile arts, food, costuming and…]
  5. Lady Jerusha Kilgore [Textile arts, costuming…]
  6. THL James De Lyon [LOCKS, and…]
  7. Sir Stuart [Metalworking…]
  8. Her Highness Gwendolen [Costuming, Viking, and…]
  9. Brighid of Ferncliff
  10. Angharad ferch Anarawd [Textile arts, middle eastern, food…]
  11. THL Faelan Haraldsson, Barony of Thors Mountain, Meridies [Pyrography, woodwork, COOKING, Mongol persona work] – always embarrassing to realize that you had pegged a good friend into the “stick jock” category, and have been totally ignoring his Arts side!




I already KNEW these folks:*




*before the A&S 50 challenge started – if you have an interst in their area, I will be happy to put them in touch with you!


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