My A&S 50 Challenges

For all that I am a new, 1st time mom, with a full time job, and Seneschal of our local group, I have made myself several challenges for the A&S 50 Challenge:

1) Write 50 articles on A&S topics.  I have done lots of “book-type” research, and a goodly amount of hands-on “live” research, but have done very little in the way of writing anything up.  Also, publications in our area are always asking for articles, and I feel I have not contributed appropriately. Articles don’t have to be long, and stand-alone illustrations or drawings will count as “an article” – as I rarely stretch my art muscles except when painting folks with Woad, or making signs/banners for others and I feel I need to do so more often. I hope to link each publication to this blog.

2) “Get to know” 50 Meridian Artisans:  By “Get to Know” I mean be able to match name, face, group and artistic endeavors – well enough to talk to others about each person.  I am so very bad about names and faces, and while I have met so many wonderful artisans via Artisan’s Row at Gulf wars, I still have trouble remembering who, where and what (I usually can do face and art or name and art or face and group and art, etc.)  As a peer, I really feel I need to improve these skills, as well as get to know the artisan’s within our kingdom.  Hopefully, as Kingdom A&S Coordinator for the A&S 50 challenge, along with my continued work with Artisan’s Row, I can meet this challenge by 2015. I hope to list info on the folks I get to know here on this blog, with their permission, of course.

3) DO 50 A&S related projects:  I have an enormous mental list of the A&S projects I want to do, and I have materials for many projects, and I have *started* many projects (cut out the garb, or done the research, or tested the weave technique, or dyed the wool) and never finished them.  So I have made a list of the projects I want to “get done” by 2015.  Where the project has already been started, I’ve been specific about what I will do as part of the challenge.  I’ve listed them in categories to assist myself and others. Hopefully I can post at least one pic of each finished item on this blog.

4) Publish 50 Museum Artifacts:  I have been extremely fortunate to visit a number of museums in America and England  – and have a large collection of photos of medieval artifacts.  I have done *nothing* with these except let them languish on my hard drives, CDs, and flash drives.  I wish to publish photos and documentation for 50 artifacts by 2015.  I plan to link to these pages from this blog.

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