September 10, 2008


Posted in General at 7:26 pm by solveigas50

Welcome to My A&S 50 challenge blog!

If you aren’t familiar with the SCA, or the A&S 50 Challenge, please click on the relevant links.  if you aren’t familiar with me, click on the About, or e-mail me if you have questions.  If you are a Meridian interested in the A&S 50 Challenge, please check out the Meridian A&S 50 Blog and/or join the A&S 50 Yahoo Group!

I am leaping on to this challenge with both feet and four challenges to myself:

  1. Write 50 A&S articles (illustrations count)
  2. Get to Know 50 Meridian Artisans
  3. Complete 50 A&S Projects
  4. Publish 50 Artifacts from Museums I have visted

I’ve set up pages for each challenge and hope to post updates on my efforts as I go along.  I’ll also post cool resources/references I run across from the A&S 50 yahoo group, other challengers, and anywhere else I can find them!